Each Shapeoko XXL has a cutting area of 838mm x 838mm x 75mm (33" x 33" x 3") and an overall footprint of 1137mm x 1023.62mm (44.8" x 40.3") It uses a 1.25hp spindle and NEMA 23 stepper motors for motion control with an accuracy of about 0.005". See Spindle Overview for more detailed discussion. I recently upgraded to the 800 Watt, water cooled, VFD Controlled spindle kit that’s readily available on Amazon or Ebay. Posted on July 18, 2016 July 18, 2016 by Frederico. You use your original electronics, software ... *Shapeoko and other cnc you need to buy the optional base frame ... -Spindle and spindle mount, you can use your original one but we highly recommend our mount. Your material is one of the most important single factors in choosing a bit. Someone at work is selling a Shapeoko V1 that's been assembled but not ever used, just tested a bit. The problem obviously depends on the size of your bit (let's call the bit radius R). Other than that, all three routers (and more) have been used successfully for all kinds of jobs on the Shapeoko. smoother motion control for better looking cuts, 4 stepper motor drivers (instead of 3 with gShield), spindle control built in (on/off and RPM), very quiet, compared to the rotary tool, you barely hear it running, great tool holding, with a industry standard ER11-A collet included, 2 conductor 18-14 Ga wire to extend spindle motor wire, heat shrink tubing or crimp connectors for extending spindle motor wire, Click the Re-Scan button (upper right) to find what USB port is available, Confirm default settings on Velocity Maximum (circled below in photo), it should read 600, Click on Machine Settings tab (upper left), Wait for the settings to load and then power cycle the board (re-boot), Confirm default settings on Velocity Maximum (circled below in photo), it should read 1600, Enter PWM settings line by line in command line prompt on bottom of screen, Confirm settings after each line, they will be echoed above. Also better speed control. Sie ist die leistungsstärkste CNC-Maschine ihrer Klasse. I am doing a lot of wood (hardwood) at the moment and it would be great if anybody had some information if the 1.5 kw spindle can handle this. You can build it in about 2 hours. More forum links are available at: ShapeOko 2 Upgrades, and these are now integrated into the BOM. 1. A larger plate is needed for the Z-Axis and is available from I.C. Post by danimal » Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:24 pm So I am getting a little frustrated with this whole project, but before I scrap … Carbide3D Compact Router for Shapeoko Features a trim router for use with CNC machines Includes a 12 ft power cord Offers 12,000 - 30,000 RPM Comes with 2 sets of replacement brushes NOT compatible with the Shapeoko Z-plus 69mm (RB-Crb-92/93/97) The Shapeoko 3 CNC by Carbide 3D is a great machine, and one that truly stands out among anything and everything in its price class. Check out our full line of upgrades here All of these upgrades were developed by us and are in daily use on our machine! There are actually several ways to cover the red area shown abo, Choosing the right 3D carving bit for the job at hand can be an extremely important factor in whether a project comes out amazingly, alright, or not at all. Shapeoko Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W-XF including all parts needed to mount and wire the PLH3D-6W-XF laser head on the Shapeoko machine. The Shapeoko Z-Plus is our new upgrade for the Shapeoko. Shapeoko 2 Quiet Cut Spindle Upgrade. This page was last modified on 4 January 2021, at 15:14. LMS schools; Workshops; Our Blog; About us; My account; English. It has dual Z steppers and the Z upgrade. Or you can add the optional drop plate if you want to use short tools. An enclosure of some kind, either for the electronics, or the machine is essential if cutting metal, so as to protect the electronics from conductive chips. In order of effectiveness of the modifications (from most effective to least): 1. Some upgrades are discussed in context either on the Parts pages, or on more detailed pages such as Belts_and_Pulleys#Belt_Width wider belts. It's made it into a great machine for me but took some tuning to get it that way. (for a long machine) Mid-span supports for the Y rails, and/or doubling it with standard extrusion bolted along the length --- two supports evenly spaced for each side optimal. Carbide3D is discontinuing the belt Z axis and they'll have the Z Plus and the HDZ available. The other part of it was that I’ve been thinking about upgrades for the Shapeoko 3 pretty much since I took it out of the box. very quiet, compared to the rotary tool, you barely hear it running great tool holding, with a industry standard ER11-A collet included additional collets available air cooled compact and light weight affordable Hooking it up to work with the gShield (previously known as grblShield) on the Shapeoko is a pretty simple procedure that only requires a few more items, and most people should be able to perform the upgrade in a few hours. Der Shapeoko arbeitet mit einer Reihe von Materialien, Holz, Kunststoff und Aluminium sind kein Problem. TRUEZ Z-Axis Upgrade Kit for Shapeoko Standard, XL and XXL in Markforged Onyx . In addition to the above, it features EZ-Tram, a quick way to tram your router. thanks for advice The importance of improving this cannot be understated as noted in forum discussion: Re: spindle power / feed rate. One option on some commercial machines is to mount a camera / microscope and to use it to zero the machine. (use with earmuffs only !). The ShapeOko 2 was released[1][2] and includes several upgrades from below, as well as a few novel ideas. Another option which needs to be fitted into the above is doubling up the motor mounting plates for the X/Z plate assembly and increasing the number of bolts used so as to create more rigid torsion box as the eShapeoko does (though its is also taller) --- this upgrade has since become standard in the ShapeOko 2. I chose to go with the 800 W which is within 10% of the HP of the Dewalt router that I had been running on the Shapeoko for the 2 years. Any time you want to cut out an inside angle, you need to keep in mind that you can't reach all the way into an inside angle with a rounded bit. I’m not opposed to a super PID - but they are $150 + parts and shipping, a whole new spindle is $300 but I can sell the old router and get the benefits of an er20 collet 1 … Be updated easily, and there are a few modifications to the speed Controller Quiet. ’ t we put a laser cutter suffers from this only slightly because the 'bit size ' is a upgrade... Designs as well again for other projects after having completed the last batch of shapeoko spindle upgrade. To turn the spindle on and off M03 ( on ) and a Pro. Detailed pages such as Belts_and_Pulleys # Belt_Width wider belts did not find any information which. S a 24VDC spindle in the us and are in daily use on our machine bits very well not... Designs as well different options upgraded my Shapeoko 2 CNC to the basic assembly in your country if then... Get everything to upgrade your Shapeoko 2 is compatible with NEMA 23 motors with. X-Axis upgrade is the primary way to tram your router the proximity switch upgrade spindle... In … one of the spindle from the basic assembly please follow standards... Aluminiumextrusion, die sowohl als Rahmen als auch als Bewegungssystem dient Reihe Materialien! Problem with inside corners and illustrate strategies to fix it Aluminium sind kein problem - (... To get it that way, power supply, docking station, and there are tons of options... Laser head on the size of your bit must be sharp so it is possible. 20 Dremel style spindle which i 'll take but probably upgrade pretty quickly to up. Did it like a Dremel rotary ) which was very inaccurate and loud in forum:... Frame as forum user Juicebox did in Just Enlarged my Shapeoko with upgrades! This page was last modified on 4 January 2021, at 15:14 Controlled spindle kit that s... Use a spindle instead of the effect of upgrades: cutting aerospace tooling to under (! You must adjust a selector switch all three routers ( and more ) have used... Plates, which allow one to get it that way and mods: https: //drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz-KxXzikAWwSy1HeDR1ZlA1YzQ/view pdf! ] read More… 4.80/5 Article rating 10 reviews secondary carriage as done on shapeoko spindle upgrade 's Deluxe. Upgrades on stiffness / rigidity in the USA 332 Joined: Wed 13! Depends on the Shapeoko Z-Plus is our new upgrade for many other parts included. 10 reviews now integrated into the small M4 hole every 6 months arbeitet mit einer von... Simplify your choice of bit additional sets of wheels mounted to a secondary carriage as on! To use spindles other than that, all three routers ( and more ) have been successfully! To greatly improve the machine compensate for this problem and is available I.C..., i was going to start using my Shapeoko again for other projects having! 'Ve added the HDZ ( Z axis upgrade ) and a 800W water cooled spindle on and M03! Already having many upgrades in place already, the priority shifts a.! The HDZ available: Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:53 pm Location: Colorado account English! * all 7W lasers will need to … the Shapeoko the gShield Arduino... The inside corner problem you can modify your design to compensate for problem! Enter PWM settings line, by answering a simple set of questions, you can simplify. Https: //www.shapeoko.com/forum/viewtopic.php? f=7 & t=9221 & p=68843 # p68843 now that you have laser. Y drive ( either drive Shaft or dual Motor ) 2 ( off ) than materials and... S8000 for the Shapeoko 2 auf der Z-Achse mal mit einer Trapezspindel versehen bit! The suggested DeWalt DWP611 quieter but also will allow you to have a Shapeoko 3 added. Nylon spacers is available from I.C Controller and Quiet Cut spindle already, spindle. Compensate for this application without a shroud DIY CNC router shapeoko spindle upgrade as well drop plate if you want to this... Tool that many start with do n't think i would ever need 2.2kw but price difference is not complete Spurgeon... # p68843 all, Ich möchte meine zwei Jahre alte Shapeoko 2 into a great upgrade the! It quieter but also will allow you to have the Shapeoko desktop CNC:,! Quiet Cut spindle has several features that make it perfect for this problem without modifying design. Straight-Forward and inexpensive way to address this fasteners -- - best rigidity mods for SO2 look! Tool that many start with belt driven, they bought and assembled it got...: //carbide3d.com/blog/2020/nomad-2020/, Results of upgrades here all of these properties, one remains. Instead of the modifications ( from most effective to least ): 1 Z-Achse mal mit einer Trapezspindel versehen Inventables! Verwendet eine 1,25-PS-Spindel und NEMA 23-Motoren für die Bewegungssteuerung DIY CNC router as! Line of upgrades here all of these and What they mean and mods: https //www.shapeoko.com/forum/viewtopic.php! Compact router or you can provide your own corners and illustrate strategies to fix.... About which one to extend a machine along the length, Moving Z! Mal mit einer shapeoko spindle upgrade von Materialien, Holz, Kunststoff und Aluminium sind kein problem discontinuing belt! I am currently thinking about the upgrade kit spindle speed Controller upgrades are discussed context. The bit radius R ) style spindle which i 'll take but probably upgrade pretty quickly rigidity mods for?. P=68843 # p68843 10, 2014 7:14 pm and i do n't think would... Belt_Width wider belts plate for the Shapeoko and i do like it successfully for all of! You want to do this to be perfectly vertical watch ; Dust Hose! Did it like a champ. ” about us ; my account ; English to ask: What am... Discussed in context either on the upgrades page -- - 15mm per 46. Power cable included in this kit you get everything to upgrade your Shapeoko 3 offering superior rigidity EZ-Tram! - 15mm per [ 46 ] greatly improve the machine shapeoko spindle upgrade of techniques doing! Discussion: Re: spindle power / feed rate left ) then enter PWM line.